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EAB, EAS and EAE (EWF) courses in 2011/2012
The Adhesion Institute organizes certified courses on adhesive bonding. (European Adhesive Bonder/Specialist/Engineer)
During this courses, both practical and theoretical knowledge on adhesive bonding will be taught. The EAB and EAS courses will be taught in Dutch, only the EAE course will be taught in English, depending on the students. The EAE course will mainly be taught by Delft University of Technology professors, who are experts in their fields within the broader field of adhesive bonding. Please send us an email if you would like to have further information on custom courses for your company!

Car mechanics Fokwa receive EAB Diploma
Fokwa geslaagd EAB
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"Lijmen als verbindingstechniek" course
The Adhesion Institute also organizes a course which will provide an overview and practical knowledge on how to design and produce an adhesive bond. After this course, you should be able to design a (simple) bond and integrate this in an existing structure. The next course will start: 9-10-11 Oktober 2013.
Please contact us for more information or visit the website from the PAO Techniek or Mikrocentrum

Recently, the Adhesion Institute received the certificates to become "approved training body" for EAB and EAS from the European Welding federation.We are expecting the certificate for the EAE soon. A description of the EAE course can be found here.

Course data as well as price info can be found here

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