The Adhesion Institute is a part of Delft University of Technology. The institute specializes in adhesion and adhesives technology and is a part of the Faculty Aerospace Engineering. However, the available knowledge on adhesive bonding is broadened through intensive contacts with many other university departments, like Chemical, Civil and Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering.

Our mission is the promotion of adhesive bonding in structural bonds, as used in industry, based on the latest developments of adhesive bonding technology. The Adhesion Institute is involved in a large number of national as well as international cooperative networks such as Craft for small and medium enterprises (SME's). Our institute is open to questions on structural adhesive bonds in general, and more specific on: the latest developments on surface pre-treatment of metals and plastics, durability of adhesive bonds, the application of adhesive(s) and adhesive bond design, as well as (FEM)-calculations on structural adhesive bonding technology. Besides this, the institute advises on international rules on environment and safety regulations.